Our Services

Non Liner Activity

Our services don’t stop at ship agency needs. We offers the high quality standard solutions in following operations:

Clearance of vessels with local port and navy authorities

Time in shipping industries is of paramount importance. Due to our long and lasting good relationship with port and navy authorities, our teams are able to provide fast and safe clearance to not delay your vessels upon arrival at anchorage and ensure updates on due time;

Cooperation and coordination with concerned parties

Your satisfaction is our pursuit. We comply with your instructions. We are in touch with customers and parties involved in business for smooth coordination. We are willing and able to provide accommodation to your requirements safely with regular updates.

Fast and accurate port and berth information

Our teams are ready to get the job done efficiently. We provide accurate port information to vessels and other concerned parties Our proactive approach allows us to foresee and remediate any potential concerns.

Pro-forma disbursement calculations and final accounts

Our software and professional team deliver peace of mind to principals with right documentation on time, in time, every time

Operational updates

We provide updates on regular basis to ensure we follow customers’ instructions, we properly service on time to not delay vessels and principals’ business

Crew handling, visa arrangements, transport, and medical care as needed

Our dedicated team handles all aspects of crew needs. We value crew members and their requests. We take care of crew as we are fully aware of their importance in shipping business

Spare parts, stores delivery and local procurement

Our professionalism and owned equipment allow us to meet the requirements of vessels / charterers in terms of spare parts and stores delivery in port or at sea and provide in emergency services to crew or vessels

Owner’s protective agency both on and offshore

We provide high level of service to vessels calling inside port or anchorage. We work in good coordination with vessels, port and navy authorities to guarantee owners serenity and interests