Our Services

Vessels Husbandry

With our fleet of launch and supply boats, GIWUS MARINE is equipped to meet the requirements of vessel owners and charterers with following customized husbandry services.

Meet and greet services at airport and port

We work for you to meet your needs. We issue ok to board letter to enable on-signers to catch their flight toward Lome airport where visa is ok upon arrival. Our team are on site to assist with immigration and customs formalities and transport to hotel or port and airport

Attendance for vessel arrival

Our proactive staff handle all aspects of vessel arrival and anticipate on sending necessary port information for master guidance and proper actions to take during vessel stay at offshore or in port as well

Travel assistance and immigration services

On our principals’ request, we arrange travels and provide assistance with immigration services

Customs clearance

We work closely with customs authorities to clear vessel’s spare parts, stores and other items needed on board

Emergency services to crew or vessels

We offer a complete onshore and offshore assistance to vessels and crew members in case of emergency. Our well trained staff are responsive to urgent requests

Assistance with crew changes, including launch services

We value crew member attendance and provide them with agile and safe boats to/from sea for their safe transport

Delivery of spare parts to vessels in port/offshore

Owned supply boats are available for safe and fast sea transportation. Our boat staff are aware that safety is of paramount importance